A highly secure, cloud-based platform to manage all gun crime tracking data in any location and from any device.

GunOps enables a visual and interactive way to monitor recovered firearm evidence as it is booked into the police department. This allows Crime Lab Technicians to filter and view firearm-related evidence according to geographical areas, which then enables the operator to more quickly zero in on the targets of greatest opportunity to success.

This is accomplished by connecting many pieces of information in order to link crimes, guns and suspects in a timelier manner so as to be of most value to investigators. The web application manages a large volume of information on firearms crimes and is completely searchable making GunOps the ultimate time saver.

Built for Security

Encryption policies and architecture, to satisfy the requirements of our most security sensitive customers.

Live Map View

Visualize the relationships between data based on time, proximity, and firearm evidence characteristics.

Built for Security

Built on the Java Application stack using forensics data of ballistics imaging, firearm record keeping, case management and more.

A Highly Secure, Cloud-Based Gun Crime-Tracking

Providing authorized users with a flexible means of data acquisition ranging from highly automated importation from ballistics imaging, firearm record keeping, case management, and more

Gun Crime Tracking

  • GunOps is a cloud-based and ultra-secure on demand web application using resilient and proprietary grid storage technology.
  • GunOps lets you input data on gun related cases with ease and readily visualize the relationships between them in terms of time, proximity, and firearm evidence characteristics.
  • GunOps has an extensive API allowing for full access to the secure cloud and third party application development including a secure chat.
  • GunOps uses a highly intuitive and interactive GUI that makes it easy to learn and seamlessly incorporate into the daily routines of investigators and analysts.

GunOps™ allows you and your officers to manage all of the relevant bits and pieces of information at your fingertips. Empowered at their own workstation or in the field with a hand held device, your detectives can just click to connect the various bits and pieces of data and uncover the evidence they need in a fast and sustainable way.

The integration of detailed, interactive mapping functions allows, detectives, command staff, firearm examiners and intelligence analysts to work simultaneously mapping gun related incidents and readily visualizing the relationships between them in terms of time, proximity, and firearm evidence characteristics.

A big challenge for criminal investigators today isn’t always a lack of information. A big challenge is being able to spot the relevant bits and pieces of high value data, cross reference them for additional leverage and convert them into solid blocks of actionable intelligence in a timely manner.

Flexible and easy to use

  • Works on Mac or Windows
  • Compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE
  • Front end HTML5 renders responsibly
  • Accessible from any device
  • Roles and Permission based access
  • Multi Tenant SaaS Application
  • No Servers to buy, no VMs to set up


GunOp has been studied by academics and field proven where the rubber meets the road – on America’s streets; streets like those in Anaheim, Santa Ana, San Joaquin, Stockton, South Bend, New Orleans, and across the State of New Jersey. As of this writing, the ATF and law enforcement agencies in Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, have also expressed interest in GunOps.

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A visual and interactive way for crime lab technicians to monitor recovered firearm evidence.

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