DNAOps™ is a highly secure cloud-based, crime tracking system including triple layer encryption though HTTP tunneling that allows authorized users to enter, visualize and access information about crimes that have DNA recovered from crime scenes using web-based mapping applications.

DNAOps™ is the brainchild of Rocky Edwards, a globally recognized and renowned forensics examiner, and was perfected as a tool track criminals through recovered DNA.

It gathers all the experience and knowledge necessary to fight and track criminals through DNA left at crime scenes.

It is a flexible and very affordable alternative for any law enforcement agency wanting to use cutting edge and cloud based technology to efficiently and effectively target criminals through rapid DNA.

Built for Security

Encryption policies and architecture, to satisfy the requirements of our most security sensitive customers.

Live Map View

Visualize the relationships between data based on time, proximity, and evidence characteristics.

Visualize it all

Built on the Java Application stack using forensics data from all types of crime.

A Highly Secure, Cloud-Based Crime-Tracking System

Including triple layer encryption though HTTP tunneling that allows authorized users to enter, visualize and access information about firearm-related crimes, forensic test results and armed criminals using web-based mapping applications.

Crime Tracking System

  • DNAOps™ is a cloud based and ultra-secure “on demand” web application using  resilient and proprietary grid storage technology.
  • DNAOps™ lets you input data on cases with ease and readily visualize the relationships between them in terms of time, proximity, and evidence characteristics.
  • DNAOps™ has an extensive API allowing for full access to the secure cloud
    and third party application development including a secure chat.
  • DNAOps™ uses a highly intuitive and interactive GUI that makes it easy to learn and seamlessly incorporate into the daily routines of investigators and analysts.


Use DNAOps™ tactically to identify and stop violent armed criminals before they have a chance to do more harm.

Use DNAOps strategically to prevent crime by mapping out hot spots and using advanced analytics to predict where the next rise in violence and criminality can happen.

Use the DNAOps™ visualization and association capabilities to deploy the resources of your department wisely where and when they are needed.

Flexible and easy to use

• Works on Mac or Windows
• Compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE
• Front end HTML5 renders responsibly
• Accessible from any device
• Roles and Permission based access
• Multi Tenant SaaS Application
• No severs to buy, no VMs to set up


DNAOps™ has been studied by academics and field proven where the rubber meets the road – on America’s streets; streets like those in Anaheim, Santa Ana, San Joaquin, Stockton, South Bend, New Orleans, and across the State of New Jersey. As of this writing, the ATF and law enforcement agencies in Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, have also expressed interest in DNAOps.

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