“The Stockton Police Department in California serves a diverse community plagued by violent crime, including very high instances of gun and gang violence. Prior to using GunOps, Stockton PD averaged an annual IBIS hit rate of 170. Within the first year, we were able to double the hit rate and in 2014, nearly tripled our previous average. I highly recommend the GunOps product to any law enforcement agency that is looking for an effective solution to help accelerate the process of gun crime case management and optimize the level of admissible evidence in order to prosecute criminals like never before.”

Chief Eric Jones
Chief of Police
Stockton Police Department

“Santa Ana is a diverse community that was dealing with a proliferation of gun and gang violence and like any city dealing with violent criminals we learned over the years that it takes people, process and technology to efficiently battle treacherous social problems.

In 2005, Rocky’s idea came to fruition when he developed a web based application called GunOps. Since supplementing IBIS with GunOps, Santa Ana P.D. has made an additional 1200 hits against NIBIN data.”

Chief Paul M. Walters (Ret.)
Chief of Police
Santa Ana Police Department

“I recently finished a paper with Ed Maguire and some other colleagues in which we found that Rocky and GunOps have vastly increased the number of hits identified in Stockton. The effect is dramatic. The potent combination people, processes, and technology in place in Stockton enable the agency to identify hits at a rate and frequency far greater than most NIBIN sites. A key ingredient of Stockton’s approach is the extra information they append to the records of each gun case, enabling them to prioritize cases based on the likelihood of producing a hit.”

William R. King, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Program Development
College of Criminal Justice
Sam Houston State University

“Nationally, the Stockton Police Department’s NIBIN unit is ranked #2 out of 235 sites based on the total number of confirmed hits in the United States as of July/August 2015. The total number of confirmed hits since the inception of the NIBIN program in the United States ranks the Stockton Police Department’s NIBIN site as #3 out of 30 agencies in California, following only the Los Angeles and Santa Ana police departments. The Stockton NIBIN program is ranked #1 in Northern California, with an overall ranking of #19 in the nation.

The volume of confirmed hits posted by Stockton NIBIN has risen exponentially since February 2013. In fact, the total number of confirmed hits since February 2013 is more than twice the number of confirmed hits in the first 13 years of the program, increasing from 529 in January 2013 to 1074 in August 2015. The Stockton NIBIN site has out-performed most agencies in the United States and, statistically, the Stockton NIBIN site is out-performing larger sites and accomplishing a lot more with less.

The key to a successful NIBIN unit is dependant on the people, processes and technology, which must be used effectively in order to be successful. The people within the Stockton NIBIN unit include Rocky Edwards of the Santa Ana Police Department, who came on board in February 2013 as a contracted Forensic Firearms Examiner. IBIS Specialists and Senior Evidence Technicians Mardy Beggs-Cassin and Cassandra Trunk of the Stockton Police Department, and Keely Cordova of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office ensure that guns and evidence from the city of Stockton and guns and evidence from the surrounding communities are entered into the NIBIN system accurately and quickly. “

Mardy Beggs-Cassin
IBIS/Firearms Unit, Senior Evidence Technician
Stockton Police Department

Phone: 925-398-2079

1152 Stealth St.

Livermore, CA 94551