GunOps, ShotSpotter and IBIS to Speak at IACP 2017

GunOps, ShotSpotter and IBIS to Speak at IACP 2017

September 27, 2017 – For the second year in a row, GunOps, Shotcaller and Shotspotter will cosponsor a Panel on Monday October 23rd at the 2017 International Associations of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference to be held in Philadelphia, PA. The panel will discuss critical elements, key considerations and share examples of successful implementation regarding their respective agencies firearm strategy.

The discussion will focus on utilizing multiple technologies such as, ShotSpotter, NIBIN and GunOps to maximize crime gun intelligence gathering and develop timely actionable leads for investigators, so they can identify and target shooters before they can re-offend.

Not only do each of these technologies bring value to the investigators, but they complement each other as well. All investigation processes must be thorough, consistently applied, well-managed and while technology is front and center, we hope to learn from the Panel how they are leveraging people, processes and technology to solve and prevent gun violence.

From respond and recover, to extract and analyze, to pursue and apprehend, it takes the right combination of different technologies to generate investigative leads of tactical of strategic crime-solving value. Please come to the Solution Theater at IACP this year on Monday, October 23rd to hear from some of the Law Enforcement industry’s finest about firearm strategies that help solve and prevent gun crime.

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