Turning Good Leads into Great Leads

Turning Good Leads into Great Leads in South Bend

April, 2017 –This incident began with a 9MM Luger Firearm reported as stolen from a private residence that took place outside of the Shotspotter area map last December. Two months later, Officers responding to another Shotspotter Alert of 16 rounds fired arrived at the scene to discover multiple gunshot victims including two that died later from fatal wounds from the same caliber of the stolen weapon two months earlier.

Shell Casings from four different calibers were recovered from the scene by CSI including a 9MM. This evidence from the Homicide was immediately searched in GunOps by Detectives who were working the case and they found it matched the class characteristics of a series of pending cases not yet entered into NIBIN which also happened to be Shotspotter Alerts.

The evidence recovered from the pending cases was pulled and entered into NIBIN and within two weeks after comparing the 3D images the Firearm Examiner confirmed they were connected to seven different shootings including the Shotspotter Alerts.

These links can be visualized on the Briefing Document above prepared for the Command Staff that was taken from a GunOps screen shot. The Alerts occurred over a period of two months but once the murder occurred, the evidence was accelerated to the front of the line and linked up in under two weeks using GunOps, NIBIN, and Shotspotter.

Shotspotter and NIBIN are generating leads at a pace like never before. The flow of valuable information coming into police departments is unprecedented with all this great technology but there is no way to separate the incredible leads from the insignificant leads based on geography, event and time (G.E.T.) until now.

Now with a data mining engine like GunOps, Analysts and Detectives can maximize the effectiveness of these leads because they now have a ubiquitous Investigative Tool that can logically organize all this information into actionable intelligence and further bridge the current gaps in regional data collection and exchange law enforcement is facing today.

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