Technology Partnership Lets Police Map Gun Crime, Find Leads, Hunt Suspects

Shotcaller Global Inc. the makers of GunOps™ has entered into a partnership with Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, the world leader in automated ballistics identification systems, in order to expand their product offerings to law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world.

GunOps is the flagship product of Shotcaller Global Inc. and is used by police to help map firearm crime, search for trends and evidence, and hunt for suspects. GunOps is a web-based tool allowing for unlimited collaboration amongst law enforcement personnel, and intuitively built on Google Maps™ making interaction and investigating familiar and straightforward.

“IBIS has been helping police for over 25 years – and in that time, we have kept pace with emerging trends so that we are always on the leading edge of technology,” explains René Bélanger, President of Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, the makers of IBIS®. “GunOps is a natural extension of IBIS; by leveraging IBIS data, GunOps is giving investigators a valuable tool in the fight against gun crime.”

The partnership will see Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology leverage its vast network of law enforcement partners in nearly 125 countries to promote and sell GunOps alongside IBIS. In turn, Shotcaller Global Inc. will supply training, and customer and sales channel support.

GunOps is the only application developed specifically to interact with IBIS, the world standard in automated ballistics identification systems used in hundreds of agencies. When combined with IBIS data, GunOps can provide firearm examiners, investigators, prosecutors and chiefs with real-time data that can make a significant and measurable impact in the fight against gun crime.

GunOps was created by Rocky Edwards, a firearm examiner for the Santa Ana PD, and now Chairman of Shotcaller Global Inc., “I speak from experience when I say that GunOps lets detectives, crime scene investigators, firearm examiners, and supervisors collaborate in a way like never before in the fight against gun violence. The way you can access the application from any device, anywhere, anytime helps us quickly zero-in on certain areas or trends making us a much more effective department.”

Shotcaller Global Inc. a small but agile group of business, law enforcement and technical experts delivering GunOps™, a field proven and robust cloud-based web solution. Everyone at ShotCaller believes that they are obliged to do their best to help law enforcement make the thorough and systematic investigation of gun related crimes a sustainable priority.

Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification more than 25 years ago and continues to be a leader in the design and provision of forensic investigative and analysis solutions that help law enforcement agencies in nearly 125 countries make society a safer place.

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